After CNAME setup, we are getting error 1000 for a subdomain

I bought a membership for a domain with Cname setup. I have done domain verification with TXT record, but I have not made any redirects yet. My current DNS is still on AWS and all my records are currently in the Cloudflare panel as DNS only.
But after doing this, I had a problem. I have a CNAME record called This is looking at the domain belonging to a CDN service ( serving on cloudflare. But this cdn service endpoint is also connected to other endpoints with cname like (, it does not have an A record.
The cname ( to which it is connected also resolves many different IPs at different times, sometimes Akamai IPs, sometimes this cdn service on cloudflare ( IPs), sometimes bunnycdn IPS…
After validating the domain and completing the cname setup process, I receive Error 1000 (DNS points to prohibited IP) error in requests made to this address What should I do?

The table like this;
*** DNS Records on our cloudflare panel which is bought as CNAME setup

*** DNS records on which is hosting cloudflare

and have too many different IP addresses from different CDN services.

BTW all the domain names are generic.

does anyone have an idea?

Error 1000: DNS points to prohibited IP

​​Common causes

Cloudflare halted the request for one of the following reasons:

  • An A record within your Cloudflare DNS app points to a Cloudflare IP addressOpen external link, or a Load Balancer Origin points to a proxied record.
  • Your Cloudflare DNS A or CNAME record references another reverse proxy (such as an nginx web server that uses the proxy_pass function) that then proxies the request to Cloudflare a second time.
  • The request X-Forwarded-For header is longer than 100 characters.
  • The request includes two X-Forwarded-For headers.
  • The request includes a CF-Connecting-IP header.
  • A Server Name Indication (SNI) issue or mismatch at the origin.


  • If an A record within your Cloudflare DNS app points to a Cloudflare IP addressOpen external link, update the IP address to your origin web server IP address. Reach out to your hosting provider if you need help obtaining the origin IP address.
  • There is a reverse-proxy at your origin that sends the request back through the Cloudflare proxy. Instead of using a reverse-proxy, contact your hosting provider or site administrator to configure an HTTP redirect at your origin.

You can read more at Troubleshooting Cloudflare 1XXX errors · Cloudflare Support docs.

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