After Cloudflare issue need to change nameservers


At the time of the recent issues with Cloudflare, I had a domain that needed to have the nae servers changed to Cloudflare. It seems to be fine. And Cloudflare did confirm the change was made. But the site never revolved to the IP4 and IP6 entered the DNS. The IPs are correct. So I deleted the site from Cloudflare and then created the same site, again.

But now the Cloudflare assign different name servers to the domain name. And I had to change the nameservers at GoDaddy. That was now impossible, because the verification email for the nameservers changes at GoDaddy is done but email and the mail server from the old provider can not receive any mail any more because the domain is now moved.

All my domains, so far (about 10 domains), have been given hans.ns.cloudflare and jasmine.ns.cloudflare as name servers. Now the new site setup want me to change to ivy.ns.cloudflare and tate.ns.cloudflare.

How to let Cloudflare assign the older name servers to a new site?


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