After Cloudflare, Contact Form 7 stops working


I notice that this topic has been added many times over the years, and yet, I still cannot find a clear, direct, or simple answer that I can follow to fix this problem.

After pointing our client’s domain to Cloudflare in the hopes of improving page load-time, all Contact Form 7 forms stopped working. When you submit you just get an endless spinning AJAX wheel, and the back-end server never even sees a “Submit Form Mail” request at all.

On our site we have contact forms that are available to open into a Modal overlay on EVERY page of the site. So… all previous topics on this issue with the answer being “I suggest you add a rule to not cache any pages with contact forms” means we would literally have to not cache the entire site.

Has ANYBODY - ANYWHERE - AT ANY TIME - EVER - found just 1, clear, easy to apply, usable and workable answer to this problem?

How do you stop Cloudlare from invalidating the Contact Form 7 Send Mail process?

A quick :search: found this"Contact%20Form%207"%20status%3Asolved%20order%3Alatest, that is 11 solved topics, I found another 40 or so topics that are as yet unsolved, they may have some ideas to try. Contact Form 7 comes up a bit (50 or so times), but not often.

A Note to anybody else facing this issue.

It was not a Cloudflare issue at all, but a firewall setting that blocks some REST API requests.

In an unfortunate conflation of website optimization activity combined with website security upgrades, it seemed apparent that the contact forms had stopped working immediately after our migration to use Cloudflare.

However, the real issue causing CF7 submit to stop working, was a single, new rule in our Security & Firewall settings: “Disallow unauthorized REST API Requests”.

As it turns out CF7 uses the REST API, but with no specific key or user permissions.


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