After check on my dns are not valid - ARUBA

i try to insert dns on ARUBA server provider to switch DNS, but provider tell that the name server check is failed so we can’t insert this dns.

I check your dns on and mx result in failed status. Have anyone ever experience that?

Thanks from Enrico.

Possibly this issue

but occasionally it’s also a DNS record issue.

What’s the domain?

Ciao Sandro,
ti parlo in italiano :slight_smile:

Allora dominio questo CAMPOELETTRICO.IT dopo aver fatto il testo trovo solo questo parametro fallito:

||Unresolvable host|FALLITO|

Come si può fixare?

Grazie da Enrico.

Salve Enrico, grazie per il dominio, però meglio usare l’inglese qui :slight_smile:

Allora :slight_smile: can you post the nameservers Cloudflare assigned to your domain?

Hi Sandro,
ok np :slight_smile:

Anyway is not a private info?

Not at all, nameservers are always public :slight_smile:

Ok sorry i’m noob


All right. In that case it’s not the nameserver issues (nameservers are correct) but it’s aforementioned DNS issue.

Your MX record points to the host mx of your domain, but there is no such record. That’s what the validation complains about :slight_smile:

Ok Sandro,
how can i fix it? :slight_smile:

You need to add a DNS record named mx for your mailserver.

Ok Sandro,
i try it and reply here if work!

Hear you soon.

Sure :+1:t2:

it works!

Now i waiting for propagation.

Regards from Enrico.

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