After changing the IP of my A record my domain stops working

I moved a domain to Cloudflare and everything works well as expected. I moved the website to a different host and updated the A record with the IP of the new host. Now my domain name points to an unknown ngnix server with a 404 error. I’ve tried turning off cloudlfare’s proxy and pausing the website on Cloudflare, but the domain still points to an unknown server.
The domain is
The IP address the A record points to is

Please kindly assist.

You’d want to speak to your host abut what you need to configure or fix on their service to display the site.

% dig +short

Looks like your DNS is not correct (is the last octet 6 or 62?). If I curl your Origin with .62 I seem to get your website.

You also have no certificate on your Origin server. You should install a valid certificate and set the SSL Mode to Full Strict.


You are right @michael. Thank you very much.
It’s working now

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