After changing my registrar to Cloudflare, i cannot change anything

I see the domain at dashboard when i click Manage domain i get this error
“No payment method associated with the specified account (Code: 1208)”
I already transferred domain to cloudflare with my credit card.

That sounds unexpected - can you try visiting the payment method part of your account’s billing and adding a method there manually:

If that doesn’t clean it up, send an e-mail to [email protected] from the e-mail address you use to log into the dashboard and they should be able to take a look for you.

So I’ve taken a look into your account and it looks like the domain in question is actually using Cloudflare Registrar on another account. If you actually want to transfer the registrar domain between Cloudflare accounts you will need to e-mail [email protected] from the email address on the old account.

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