After changing my nameserver, my site downloads a nohost.php file?

At first I thought it just takes some time for Cloudflare and change of nameserver to take effect but still when I go to my site a nohost.php file (empty) gets downloaded and white screen. My site is not in WordPress, but I do have some https redirection in place in .htaccess file. idk if this all related but do I need to activate any redirection for my site to work again.

Whatever the issue is, it is a local issue on your server. Your Cloudflare setup does not have any DNS records associated, so that cant go anywhere.

According to it is pointing to Cloudflare but my a record is all throwing red errors.

what should I do?

I already contacted GoDaddy and they say its not on us.

I am afraid that is incorrect. You still havent set up the necessary records

Thank you for your response. where is the documentation for that? I followed the instruction on Cloudflare step by step. it only asked me to change the nameserver and it did. what else is left to do?

Thank you and lastly where do I get those values from? for example what should I put in A or AAAA ?

This is something you need to ask your host. These should have been imported during the setup, but you either cancelled or aborted it. What you could do is remove the domain and start from scratch and make sure the import completes.

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Thank you sir, I re-did it and now it seems to be working. Can you check on your end if I have completed everything. Still when I go to and check on CNAME I get red cross. Is that ok?

You have a record for your naked domain now, but still nothing for “www”. The latter is not necessary, but if you want it to work too you still need to specify that.

Hi @ali3, site looking good, name servers set, certificate in place and it looks like the propagation is in process (Mumbai & Coolum Beach still :x:, but all others :white_check_mark:)

Thank you, Yes I can see that. I am glad to have learned about this.

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