After changing DNS servers, the web was not loading.

Hello good afternoon, yesterday through our domain provider we have made the change of DNS servers to those of Cloudflare to acquire greater protection. The issue is that when we did it, after approximately one hour, the website has stopped working properly leaving the 404 errors when I want to enter the section of / myaccount or if I go into any product or category appears the error TOO MANY REDIRECTS. Could you please let me know what could have been the problem? Also note that I have reviewed the .htaccess and everything was correct because it is an empty file and had no plugin to write in that file at the time of the change. The e-commerce platform I use is Woocommerce.

You should click that link. It will take you to a Community #tutorial that can help you fix it.

One of the most common causes of that error is using the wrong Cloudflare SSL setting. Make sure you are using Full (Strict).

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