After Became a PRO user Still my website slow?

Hi Cloudflare Team,

I have purchased a PRO plan from your said but, still, my website working as same like that:? I want to do anything from myself here? Please explain to me. I’ll be following


Could you share your site so we can look into what is causing it to be slow?

Yes definitely, this my website

pleas let you know me

For me, the index page takes 2 seconds to load on average. It isn’t being cached (CF-Cache-Status: BYPASS) so it is hitting your origin which is slow. I don’t have experience with APO but I’m sure that can be cached in order to speed things up. GTmetrix shows it being quick though, so possibly just a me thing with disabled caching or something.

I ran a GTmetrix (available here: Archived Performance Report for: | GTmetrix) so you can better see where the slowdown is.
As you can see, there are a lot of assets and a good number of large images (all slows things down).

There is also this request (POST /admin-ajax.php) taking 1.4s (viewable in the Waterfall tab)

Could you share the APO problem with your Senior team? I want to speed up my site, I also tested my website GTmatrix it’s shown positive, but I want to speed up pleas help to my purchased plan of worth because I was spending 20 dollars per month, please help me…

It looks like your site is using Railgun. That may be the problem. Please ask your host to disable Railgun for your site.

It mean I should tell to our host provider is this correct?

Yes. Please tell them.

Hi Mr. Sdayman, I told them they said it’s everything working perfectly they said pleas checked your Cloudflare team issue from there said… could you give a good result to me? I’m not satisfied after pro user…

I see that Railgun is now disabled. Your site loads in about two seconds for me when cached.

However, your site is an eCommerce site which makes connections to your origin server necessary in order to maintain a shopping cart, and your server is what is slowing down the site for your shoppers. There is nothing that Cloudflare can do to speed up your shopping cart.

If your store is important to you, you will need a server that is fast enough, and close to your country for best performance.

Railgun ‘StarWish-1’ is not configured properly to accelerate Please make sure Railgun is configured properly.

what is that problem? I’m not a technical persons?

From what we saw on your site, you can not use APO and Railgun at the same time. Now you have APO that works.

Sir, I do everything as properly but I don’t know what did happen in the behind, I have APO but I have everything, before not like that, but now the problem is, I’ll add my website like new from myself here. so please help me, railgun seriously not working, I attached the screenshot

You have a decision to make:

  1. Use Railgun, but not APO. If so, then ask your host to turn Railgun back on.
  2. Use APO, but not Railgun. If so, then you do not need to change anything.

Please let us know which choice you make.

Yes, I got I want to APO please sir make it me “I’m using hosting they not providing proffer answer”

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Hi Cloudflare in website, before working Cloudflare is working very well, yesterday happened some changes at my website my RTL working on desktop version properly, in mobile not working it mean layouts broken.

As well as in English page, If I add any new products not appearing properly, please give a solution to me

Please post the domain name.

Yes, please check and let you know me sir,

I am seeing no errors, and all resources are loading.

Yea, you are correct mobile is very fast, but when loading the website on a desktop little bit slow, as well when I suggest above my problem fixed

Did you know how that, I installed light speed cashing, your purge cashing not working properly, finally light speed cashing help to me… A lot try your purge cashing wasn’t working