After APO load fonts failed

Hi, I use astra theme and elementor builder for the website, after i active APO for wordpress , I test from GTmetrix.

About the test result, the TTFB is speed up, but i found that all font failed status, just the fonts failed not included, so how could fix it?


Can you please share your domain and a URL where this is happening?

Sorry that this website is not my personal, so i can’t share the url from here.

For more details, I can share the screen cap photo of GTmetrix waterfall between what is the defferent when active Cloudflare APO. Thanks

Normally the website is use the top of the screen cap photo use that fonts, when i active Cloudflare APO there will add more fonts like the second of the screen cap photo and it status change fail.

hi,anyone can help me? thanks

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