After APO Instalation My Elementor Not Working Properly?

Hi Team Cloudflare,

When I Installed cloudflare APO It website working amzaing, but my elementor working performance very bad when I editing time could see best result after that final update & out put seem not changes.

Please tell to me how to fix this problem

It sounds to me like Elementor doesn’t work well with Cloudflare cache rules, if you are using them?

Nevertheless, if you make changes to your website using Elementor editor, you might have to manually Purge / Flush the cache files.

You could try to setup Page Rules as below:

Basically, here what is going on, I am telling Cloudflare to not to cache all the Elementor files as well as the CSS re-generated files which the editor re-creates.

Nevertheless, I am assuming they are called including the query strings by default (WordPress), right? I am not sure, but if they change each time, like the “numbers” part in the query string, you are fine. Otherwise, not so.

But, if you do Bypass, I am afraid your Website would not have a very good page load time for your visitors :confused:

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