After all steps my blog shows unsafe SSL

I am a beginner in logging, and I have linked my website with Cloudflare for SSL (https)
after all of the steps, it was working fine but now as I can see it becomes red. I mean to say it shows this is dangerous please help me to solve this issue and is there are any further steps that tell me
My blog URL –

I’m just getting a too many redirects error, did you change any settings from earlier?

yes iwas added a page rule but after that i have dropped that and now all thisngs i have done as before but now problem not resolved yet !!!

I see the activity but sadly also see the the zone was deleted yesterday. You can see this in your audit log. Name servers are still set, try to re-add the zone.

This is to Inform You that ssl is working correctly on your website bro. Dont worry, try clearing cache and restart your browser…

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