After adding website to cloudflare it is still in "Pending Nameserver Update" state

I have added my website “” to cloudflare, and added the nameservers in my domain registrar DNS entries, and have removed the old ones. It has been more than 24 hours and the domain is yet to be active in the cloudflare dashboard, and is still in the “Pending Nameserver Update” state.

I have viewed other topics and it seems I have followed all the appropriate procedures, not sure why it is still not active.

Would appreciare some help here.

The nameservers have not been changed at the domain registry. You have just added the Cloudflare nameservers to the DNS.

Thanks for that! I’m have submitted that through my domain registry now. Should I alter my DNS now? Also, after my website becomes active in Cloudflare should I delete all the DNS entries in my registrar and start managing them in Cloudflare?

You don’t need to delete the DNS entries from your old DNS provider, they just won’t be used (and there will be a propagation time when users may end up using either your old or new nameservers). But any future changes should be set in your Cloudflare DNS (hopefully you’ve set them up already so they are in place when your Cloudflare zone becomes active).

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