After adding my website to Cloudflare I didn't receive email any more


I tried to solve the email receiving issue:

  • with deleting (and the added again) MX record at my common DNS registrar
  • with editing MX server ( and

Might have something to do with the fact that the original IP no longer exists and ping is now set to
the IP pointed ?

SMTP for sending email is working fine.



Thanks in advance

Your screenshot shows an MX record pointing to ‘mail’, but there’s no ‘mail’ entry in DNS. Also, you prioritized it at 100. Though as the only MX record, it still gets a first priority, but typically, a primary MX server has a priority of 10.

Here are some other tips for mail on a Cloudflare domain:


Thanks a lot for this very quick answer sdayman

SOLVED: now I received all my test mails. I set also priority to 10

Have a great time

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