After adding cloudflare my website is not accessible at some browsers. It also says ssl not installed

My website is running on VPS, and I have installed Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. It’s working fine.
I want to add Cloudflare free plan but don’t want to use the SSL certificate of Cloudflare.

I recently try and my website was inaccessible from some browsers giving errors of unsecured connection and SSL not installed.

Kindly guide me on how to set it up correctly.

The steps I performed were

  • Added nameservers to my domain

*HTTPS always ON

  • SSL full (strict)

  • I didn’t know about HSTS so I didn’t make any changes

You need a Business plan, to provide your own certificate.

But what’s the domain and can you post a screenshot of the error you got?

I have installed SSL by Let’s Encrypt and it’s working fine.
I am running my website on VPS and want to improve my web speed.
My domain is " seo-analyzr" and sorry as I checked my website is inaccessible from some browsers so I immediately delete my web from Cloudflare.

Just want to know how let’s encrypt SSL certificate works with Cloudflare free plan?
Plz, guide me step by step on what to do?

There’s no step-by-step guide, but I recommend to check out #tutorial and

But assuming your domain is, then it’s currently not using Cloudflare.

which tutorial? link?

Sure, the link.

Share link plz


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Can i make the changes and get back to you with screenshot?


I have added my site and nameservers of Cloudflare to my domain host.
What to do next?

What does this show?

  • Proxy your site if you wish
  • Make sure the encryption mode is Full Strict, otherwise the whole site will be insecure

That’s all

How to proxy the site?

How to set up this?
a page for SSL certificate to work from let’s encrypt and speed optimize by Cloudflare.

HSTS? how to set

Again, the documentation covers all of that. Please refer to the documentation, to #tutorial, and the search here on the forum.

Your domain is currently active on Cloudflare and is working. In case you have any other questions, please open a thread about one single topic in the appropriate forum and follow the posting template that you are given. Do not post without compiling that template.

There’s little point in rehashing things which are covered in the documentation anyhow.