After adding a Cname to my DNS, Im getting an 404 error

I have created a subdomain from my C panel and I have created and added the DNS for the subdomain as a C name.

Before adding cname I was getting like this page is not on the server but after adding Si name and points it to the host of my main website I am getting a 404 error saying that sorry this page is not exist. How should I fix it?

Set that record to :grey: and see if it works.

still showing this and ssl gone too

If it’s :grey:, then something is wrong with the server. And it needs SSL.

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My website is working perfectly. I am using cloudflare ssl.
I tried using name record ad A record but not working in both cases. WHat might be the problem?

If you still have a problem, you should ask their support for a reason for this page and if they could fix it. At this point it isn’t Cloudflare since it happens with grey cloud.

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