After add my domain with cloudflare my all post gone from webiste

My website name is Hot News Fan. This is blog website. After I add my domain with cloudflare my all post gone, it look like now demo website. Why is this happened? Please help me.


hot news fan. com

I am trying to give my domain name here by this chat not allow me to give domain here

It’s not a demo site, the connection to your server simply times out.

What’s your encryption mode on Cloudflare?

I don’t understand what is my encryption mode on cloudflare

encryption mode cloudflare - Brave Search

my encryption mode is HTTPS

That is not an encryption mode. Post a screenshot of the page in question.

No, I want to keep in Cloudflare server

Then I am afraid I cannot help further.

So you mean I can’t keep my domain in Cloudflare?

Is there no option to keep my website in Cloudflare safely and work perfectly without remove the Cloudflare network?

Are you there or gone?

As I mentioned, I cannot help you further as you did not provide the requested information nor followed the advice. Maybe someone else will chime in.

I found suddenly my site come back

why it says server static assets with an efficient cache policy ?

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