After activating Rocket Loader, 100% of my pages are poor for Google Core Web Vitals(CLS issue)

I’ve got a website with 200,000+ responsive mobile+Desktop pages, with the corresponding 200,000+ AMP pages.

In early November, just after activating Rocket Loader in CloudFlare, the ‘Core Web Vitals’ section of ‘Google Search Console’ started to increase the number of poor pages up to 200,000 (both Mobile and Desktop), and now I have:

The warning message for the poor pages (responsive ones) is the same one “CLS issue: more than 0.25 (mobile)”. Responsive pages and AMP pages are very similar, apart from the header section (in the responsive HTML pages there is a responsive burger menu made with JavaScript).

Additionally, in the Google’s PageSpeed Insight Report, the ranking dropped from 97 to 74, with two warnings about the speed of Cloudflare’s Javascript (“Main-Thread Blocking Time”, 584 ms; and the “Script Evaluation”, 719 ms). It was my fault. I activated Rocket Loader, but I forget to check the PageSpeed Insight.

I don’t remember having modified my web design in the last weeks apart from activating Rocket Loader in Cloudflare, and wondered if someone had similar experiences.

Thank you.

Someone just asked the similar question:

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