After Activating Cloudflare my Site Speed Decreased- Why?

Hy, I am new here.
Recently I activated CDN on my Website ( by making a Free account and setup everything personally.
After doing it I checked my Site through GTMetrix, Webpagetest, Pagespeed, Pingdom and they all showed that my site is loading and taking about 20-30seconds to load.

After that I deactivated CF from my site and it started giving me a speed of around 4-7sec but Webpagetest still shows a big Corss over Effective use of CDN.
I want to know what can I do & how I solve the problem, also Security score is F where I have SSL activated.
Test Run-

Please Help!- Thank You

Your site isn’t going through Cloudflare at the moment, and that test didn’t go through Cloudflare, either.

Screen Shot 2020-05-21 at 7.22.19 AM

No actually I have switched it off yesterday because I was getting a very high loadspeed as I mentioned about 25seconds

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