After 3 days trying to solve SSL provblem


I have received a confirmation from CF 3 days (Wednesday, Jan 19th) ago that this zone, has been added successfully after I had changed the NS to point to CF. Prior to that, I have initiated a domain transfer from the previous registrar to a new one. So all of the above took place more or less in the same timeframe. the problem is I get this error now; ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH which is a problem related to SSL certificates. After 3 days I am unable to find a solution.

On the edge certificate tab in CF, I still see " pending validation (TXT). Even after disabling and enabling Universal SSL and/or turning CF off (grey icon)

Via Plesk, I have added a certificate that was created in CF → origin server.

Also when I remove this CERT in Plesk, and try to create an SSL with Let’s Encrypt, it can’t provision one . Also NS lookup shows NO records but with DNS checker DNS Checker - DNS Propagation Check & DNS Lookup all records are there.

As you may be concluding now this is a real black box : (

Any advice is appreciated as this domain is already 3-4 days offline

Your DNSSEC is broken. Please disable DNSSEC at your registrar.

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@sdayman thxs for ur swift response. There is no such option at my current registrar, Enom

There’d better be. Please ask their Support to disable it for your domain.

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I have just created a support ticket at their side

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Hi @sdayman the DNSSEC record has been deleted | DNSViz

Is there anything else I need to on CF’s side? like disable universal SSL?


The website is now finally available after I have disabled-enabled Universal SSL

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