Afraid CloudFlare will break my working SSL/TLS site

I currently have a site that is hosted by 1and1 Networks. It has a SSL/TLS certificate and is running great as https://.

I am afraid to use Cloudflare because of all the problems I’ve read from people trying to use SSL/TLS. If I simply point the name servers for my site to Cloudflare do I need to do anything else? That is will my site run fine as https:// without doing anything else but change the name servers?

It took me a few minutes to put my website and Nextcloud behind Cloudflare. Without having any problems.

If you’re facing issues the community can help you to solve them. There are even options to bypass or deactivate Cloudflare protection if there are SSL issues without having to move your nameservers back.

Afaik 1and1 has a CDN option for their customers and are partnered with Cloudflare. Soyou might not have to change them.

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As I feared pointing my site to the Cloudfare nameservers was a disaster. It disrupted the security of the site.

I have my own security certificate and my site’s SSL/TLS systems are working perfectly withoutCloudflare.****

Unfortunately I can’t afford to have my site down for several days while trying to sort out such issues. I lose too many site visitors who depend on my site for timely news about Taiwan.

I would dearly love to use Cloudflare but it’s just too convoluted for me to sort out the problems. Since my site doesn’t make a huge amount of money I can’t afford the enterprise version of Cloudflare and the support it offers.

You can use CF for DNS management only by setting your records to :grey:

Thus will disable all Cloudflare stuff immediately when the TTL has expired.

What was the error?

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