Affiliate link not forwarding

So I am not sure if this is the right place and I am not sure if it is a Cloudflare issue directly but I have na issue with my affiliate link not forwarding from my redirect page. It just sit there and does not forward but I can hit the link directly just fine. I even tried renaming the tracking link and removing the slug all together and still have an issue with it. I did not have a problem with it ether until a couple of days ago ether.

I am stumped
Thanks for the help in advance

Without seeing the link itself on your page, there’s not enough information to go on.

Here is my test page

but it suppose to be going to

However my host when they check it they get a redirect error. Making sure that this is not Cloudflare causing this and/or maybe one of the traffic services might fix the issue.

Something is sending the browser off to infusionsoft and then goes into a redirect loop there.

It’s probably not due to anything Cloudflare does. You can test for sure by going to the Overview page and clicking “Pause Cloudflare on Site” and then wait five minutes before testing that affiliate link.

I did some more testing and when I test my affiliate link which is an infusionsoft application it tells me there are like 19 redirects so I would think the issue is with the infusionsoft application. There support told me it is possible that something was not imbedded properly which could have caused the issue. I have a ticket with the Dev team and they are checking it for me. The thing that I am scratching my head about is most of the people in the group is Hosting with Bluehost and not having the issue. Where I put the site under my reseller account with Trenta. So my next question is what does Bluehost have running that allows them not to have the issue and/or is it have to do with the WordPress version that they are using?