Affect of CloudFlare on Ads CPC

we have two website setup both use the same theme and plugins on Wordpress.

Site A is few years older (more of an aged domain) and has lots more content and backlinks
Site B has similar but much less content and also less traffic.

Site A is using CloudFlare, Site B isnt using it (no firewall or cloudflare)

Both sites runs the same ads (adsense) and have same traffic stats (country etc…)

But we notice that Site B has much significantly higher overall ad CPC than Site A.

Could this be something to do with using Cloudflare on Site A?

:man_shrugging: Maybe CF is stopping click fraud campaigns.

I doubt you will get much more information. All we can do is speculate; the case you describe would require some further analysis, which is out of the scope of the community.

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