Afer adding a new txt record an "Array" is showing in the exported zone record


After making edits to a zone record and exporting a copy of it for the client’s records. The new entry is showing “Array” at the end of it. I verified that it was not entered in the entry.

Does anyone know what it is? Where it comes from or what it means? I have not seen it before in other changes to other clients’ dns on cloudflare. Is it a temporary?


Nothing to see on the screenshot. The first one looks like a SOA record. But definitely a guess. What are the record types?


Both are TXT records,


Well. I don’t have a clue then

Maybe someone from CloudFlare staff with access to your account max be able to assist. I’ve never exported anything here.



I see this same issue also, I had cleanup my exports so I sure it something up with cloudflare exporting. I not sure if it effects dns in general as I had cleanup some of the dns from the cpanel dns cloudflare plugin when I creating same dns from my cpanel account into cloudflare. so its either something with there api or cloudflare itself.

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