Advise on using APO with other caching plugins needed

Dear community,

I recently purchased APO and trying to understand the lack of performance improvement

I have the following setup:
WordPress Configuration Version: 6.2
Active Theme: Blocksy Child

Active plugins:
Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster:
Blocksy Companion (Premium): 1.8.84
Cloudflare: 4.11.0
Contact Form 7: 5.7.6
CookieYes | GDPR Cookie Consent: 3.0.8
Fast Velocity Minify: 3.4.0
FluentSMTP: 2.2.4
Honeypot for Contact Form 7: 2.1.1
Polylang: 3.3.3
Rank Math SEO: 1.0.112
Rank Math SEO PRO: 3.0.34
ShortPixel Image Optimizer: 5.2.1
Stackable - Gutenberg Blocks: 3.7.2
W3 Total Cache: 2.3.1

Asset CleanUp applies a few site-wide rules to off-load unnecessary components (with hard exceptions e.g. Contact Forms are loading only on those pages where it’s being used)

Fast Velocity Minify: 3.4.0
Fine-tuning of minification

W3 Total Cache: 2.3.1 does:
Page Cache redis
Minify = OFF
Opcode Cache
Database cache redis
Object Cache redis
Cloudflare extension disabled on W3TC side

Cloudflare APO
optimal settings applied
Cloudflare dashboard: minification = OFF
Page Rule cache all = OFF

Result: shows

But I can’t see any boost in PageSpeed Insights
FCP/LCP remain ±0.1sec the same as before purchasing APO (back then W3TC was responsible for browser cache, now it’s disabled on W3TC)

What am I doing wrong?

Only you can test your site to see what’s right or wrong with it. Is your site faster with APO, regardless of the PSI score?

Perhaps your site is super well optimized and APO does not change much. But in all likelihood this is a PageSpeed Insights issue, in the sense that it weights some factors more than others and may result in conclusions that not necessarily match the human visitor experience with your website.

Please see the post below by @eva2000 (and the posts it links to) for more details about how PSI tests a website’s speed.

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Thanks for your opinion!

Perhaps APO would help with solving failed vitals for the desktop

As for further optimisation I guess I need to dig into the block editor area and reduce using legacy blocks and widgets (which result in loading multiple css/js)

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