Advice on using AWS API Gateway with Cloudflare Workers

Hello here,

I am working on creating APIs would be used by third-party developers. This means the developers needs to sign-up for a plan (possibly using Stripe), get API key and start making requests.

I am leaning more towards using for the benefits it provides around API management, security (via Cognito) and having a developer portal ( In my observation so far, Cloudflare API gateway does not provide these benefits. Another benefit is using CDK to manage the entire stack programmatically.

When comparing serverless functions, I am more interested in leveraging Cloudflare workers because of

  1. No cold start issue.
  2. Better pricing.

However, I am unsure about a few things

  1. If a request comes to API gateway and authenticates perfectly, how do I securely invoke Cloudflare worker?
  2. I am sure there would be some latency added between the 2 systems. Are there any ways to minimize the latency?

The guidance is very much appreciated.

Thank you