Advice on DNS entry

Hi when creating a or CName record what is the IP address of your website that Cloudflare is controlling ? Do i have to create A or CName record if i use Cloudflare Tunnell ? As in the DNS records is states create a root domain for my domain.

I appreciate this is simple question but i do not seems to get it to work constant error message ie 522. bad gateway.

Any help guidance would be appreciated.


Thank you for asking.

A DNS record (hostname) should be pointed to your origin host/server IP.

Creating a cloudflared tunnel has an option to add a CNAME record automatically:

Otherwise, manually adding a CNAME:

Hm, might be because a DNS record is missing, otherwise a firewall is blocking Cloudflare IPs, or could be the SSL issue as well :thinking:

Before moving to Cloudflare, was your Website working over HTTPS connection?

May I ask what kind of suggestions for troubleshooting have you tried so far regarding the 522 error from the article below? :thinking:

Hi I meticulously reinstalled Couldflare tunnel onto my Unraid server and made sure all was correct . After creating CF tunnel everything works fine all apps requiring https connect flawlessly. I created CName connected to the CF UUID
My domain was not hosted as website on my previous host i only used it for emails . Maybe i had some errors on my previous attempts. It was a good learning curve to check and double check.

Thank for your time and advice.


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