Advice needed for non-techie about Shopify/CloudFlare setup

I wonder if you can give us some advice on how we should be configuring our current Cloudflare/Shopify setup.

A little bit of back history. At the start of Aug 2023 we signed up to the Pro Plan whilst we still had our websites hosted by Evo Agency web developers. They used to look after the configuration of our Cloudflare settings (they also advised using the Pro Plan). But are no longer our developers.

At the end of August we moved over to Shopify Plus for both of our sites. The company that built our Shopify sites do not have any experience with Cloudflare so are unable to advise on best practices for configuration between Shopify and Cloudflare.

Therefore since moving platforms we have had no activity in Cloudflare for our two websites.

Would I be correct in thinking that our ‘A’ name ‘Shop ifysite1’ should be set to ‘proxied’, same for ‘A’ name ‘Shop ify site2’. Both are currently ‘DNS Only - reserved IP’.

This may be a daft question, but if I change these both to ‘proxied’ will this have any adverse effects on our Shop ify websites? This is my biggest concern in making any changes.

Many thanks

Hello there!

As Shopify is also using Cloudflare for its customer, there is no need for another Cloudflare Subscription unless you have O2O enabled as Shopify will have the configruation control over Cloudflare. You should just leave them as DNS only.

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