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I tortured support here a few weeks ago. It was a mix my ignorance as a Newby and GoDaddy screwing with OLD SSL certificates that were deleted a dozen times… but still on the server.

I have been a GoDaddy Cheerleader for the past 6 years. Support always answered and seemed like they knew what they were doing. No idea what happened this year, but support sucks. Conflicting advice and solution with each call. I just about had sdayman here give up on helping me…. He was amazing. My problem was actually GoDaddy.

I finally got all my SSL issues resolved— after GoDaddy finally fixed that deleted SSLs were not being deleted from the server.

Since then I had to contact GoDaddy a dozen times because my site and server being down. Hours on the phone… before they would acknowledge the entire SERVER was down and “they are working on it. Called to report it again today. Their Tech recommendation PAY MORE for a better plan. I do not have a basic palsn. “The Deluxe plan you have is not able to run Word Press with any themes, you need to upgrade”. I have had this plan for the past 6 years and never had any issues. All of a sudden it is too weak to run a WP press site with maybe 100 visitors a month. GoDaddy actully apploligized for the quality of Tech support.

Sdayman made a comment that he NEVER uses/recommends GODADDY. After this past few weeks…. I better understand his comment.

QUESTION for the group–What Hosting provider would you recommend—when I change? I hope to keep CloudFlare. Site loading speeds have been amazing.

Does CloudFlare have a mechanism to host?

My requirements— some comments might ne Newbie Ignorant.

  1. I want to host my Main domain and a couple sub-domains.

  2. I’d like the ability to add additional domain names

  3. Not sure how to describe this…. I used to use CPanel and my domain name for e-mail—going through GoDaddy (FREE). It was horribly un-reliable.

I switched to ZOHO to manage my e-mail, using my domain name. Not sure if GoDaddy is involved at all. BUT My NEW provider must have the ability for me to continue using ZOHO for my e-mail. ZOHO is an amazing e-mail host. A+

PRICE is a major driving factor. My website promotes music artists that I do not know. I make nothing and spend $1000s of dollars a year supporting this cause.

All opinions/recommendations welcomed.

Thanks in advance… MAJOR shout out to Sdayman for all of his/her help.


Awww…you really made my day. Thank you!

Before I went the VPS route, I was quite happy with DreamHost. They’re local to me, employee owned, nerdy, and enthusiastic. Good in-house support. They have a custom panel that takes some getting used to if you’re a cPanel person, but it’s a solid setup at a decent price.

Just about any setup will let you continue using Zoho. After all, email is just a series of DNS records to point things in the right direction.


DreamHost was on my short list… based on an on-line review, but it was very limited. Gator was higher. It amazes me how many are rated #1. You just raised DreamHost to the top-- because all of your advice and help were spot on. I have soemtime left before needing to change, about a year. I will make the the change in about 6 months to allow for overlap.

I wish cloudflare hosted sites… my website has never loaded as fast.

THANKS again.

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$10/month VPS Host several domains in one VPS and Forget about the Go thing. It should be about the same which language / solution you use.

And more or less managed by Cloudflare DNS.

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