Advice and help for Cloudflare SSL/TLS and HSTS and dmore

Hi , i will add screenshots to let you understnd my question
i have Cloudflare connected to my domains.
i dont know what is the best for my kvs website , so i want you help me to know what to choose and what not.

1 - like first screenshot , what should i do here to get best use for my kvs website? should i mark or not mark squares?

2 -in second screenshot , should i use flexible or full?

3 - like third screenshot should i enable the SSL/TLS or not?

4- like the four screenshot , should i enable HTTS or not?

5- like five screenshot , should i enable HSTS or not

  • about the last line ( the HSTS ) , i see that famous websites use HSTS and reCAPTCHA for Security.

note : i run scrap bots many website but the website that use HSTS in In addition to reCAPTCHA was hard to run scrap .

  • i have reCAPTCHA , but i want to increase the bot fighter (anti bots) (that let bot not work or make bot very slow).

help me to fix the 5 steps

note : becaous im new user cant embed more than one picture so i merge five becaoues and the Arrange the images is from left to right

Welcome to the community!

I would suggest that you activate all of them. If you experience some errors, you can always deactivate them later in the dashboard. Those settings will minify HTML, CSS and JS, so that your website loads faster.

Neither of those. You should always set it to Full (strict), and install an Origin Server certificate in your server.

Thatโ€™s not SSL/TLS. What that option does is that Cloudflare will send an email to your accountโ€™s address if there is a better SSL/TLS configuration available for your website.

It depends. It may be useful if you are 100% sure that you just want to allow users access your site via HTTPS and never allow insecure HTTP connections. More information:

Itโ€™s the same as point 4.

Hope it helps!


thank you!!!

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