advantages Pro Plan

Sites Pro Plan work high compared Free Plan ?
Pro Plan fast CDN?

No, it’s the same CDN. Mostly. Pro does get you higher priority in datacenters they’re under a heavy load.

I like Pro Plan for image optimization. That’s mostly it. But I do like having more Page/Firewall/etc Rules.

If I had only one domain here, I’d definitely go Pro. But with multiple domains, there’s no way I’d go Pro for all of them.

I can buy Pro Plan for one domain in my account ?


Yes, our plans are per domain.

The basic features available on all of our plans can be compared here:

The Pro plan provides:

  • Our Web Application Firewall (WAF) to stop the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities and lots of other common exploit attempts aimed at your website
  • Mirage image optimization for mobile browsing
  • Polish image optimization with support for jpeg, PNG and automatic WebP
  • Customization of all Cloudflare error pages
  • 20-page rules to allow finer customization of your Cloudflare configuration across your website
  • Cache analytics
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Has this changed? Documentation still says 20:

My Pro plans show a 20 Page Rule limit.


I sincerely hope that was a mistake and that the page rules are actually not reduced that much… those play a huge role when mitigating more complex attacks.

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Yes you guys are right, it’s 20 pages rules sorry for the typo, tried to do a short summary / delta of all features between Pro and Free plan.
I’ve edited it.


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