Advantages of Advanced Certificate Manager

When I wanna subscribe to ACM I got this:

  • Common name of
  • Configurable certificate validity
  • Configurable SANs
  • Custom Cipher Suite settings
  • Custom Trust Store

But there is no documentation of any of these advantages. I don’t get any of this!

If you don’t know what those things are, then you likely don’t need ACM. For what reason are you considering it?

Users with simple needs only really choose ACM for these reasons…

  • certificates for second-level (and deeper) subdomains (for example, to cover
  • change the CA from Lets Encrypt to Google Trust Services, or the other way round.

Yeah I get that, and That is exactly why I am using it. but I wanna use ACM as best as I can, I wanna ensure my money is well spent.

For example, what will I gain if the common name is my websites name? what is the advantage there??

Go to this page, it has links you can click through for each feature…

Thank you, but what is the advantage of having a “good” common name? The link does not say anything about it

There is no advantage. Some people want that and it offers it.


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