Advanced SSL and Dedicated IP address

I have just updated to “advanced SSL subscription”.
Does that render the Host IP address as unique\dedicated IP address ?
when I perform a test on website it comes up as having dual IP addresses. Why that is ?
Many Thanks in Advance

ACM doesn’t related to the IP addresses Cloudflare assigned to you.

For redundancy purposes. Every website on Cloudflare will get at least two IP addresses.

Thanks for response.
Can you please confirm if my website still then assigned shared IP addresses ? I am not subscribed to Pro, Business or enterprise options, only opted for advanced SSL.
I guess I lack the understanding how Host IP addresses are handled by cloudflare.
Many Thanks again

The Cloudflare IP addresses assigned to each website are definitely shared with other users. While Enterprise customers will have prioritized IP ranges (better traffic routing, etc.), but there’s no 100% guarantee that the IP addresses will be dedicated to only just you.

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