Advanced SEARCH and APPLY features

I would love to be able to search for domains in Cloudflare Dashboard by things other than name eg. “show me all my sites with a minimum TLS version of 1.2 under crypto”, “Show me all sites with Rocket Loader enabled” etc. When you get to have a large number of entries in any dashboard, advanced search features become necessary. Similarly, it would be nice to be be able to carry out actions on multiple domains. Tick a bunch of titles, or pipe in the search results from previous suggestion, and then “enable hotlink protection on these domains”. Maybe this kind of functionality already exists, but if it does I can’t see it. If it does NOT exist, I don’t understand why more people aren’t asking for it.

That sounds like a job for an API script.

Yes, totally possible via an API script. But could these kind of features not be built into the dashboard itself?