Advanced Rate Limiting Rules - URI Path otions

I want to to know the difference between the expressions:

(http.request.uri.path eq "/*" and not http.request.uri.path in {"/eventlogger/*" "/webapi/*"})
`(http.request.uri.path eq “/" and not http.request.uri.path contains "/eventlogger/” and not http.request.uri contains “/webapi/*”)’

Do these do the same thing?

Wildcards (*) are not supported at all so those would not work. You should use contains or “starts with” operators without including the wildcard

No wildcards? I want to rate limit all things except a specific list. How do I write that? This maybe?

(http.request.uri.path matches "/*" and not http.request.uri.path in {"/webapi/*....})

Thanks for your help here.

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