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Hi, newbie user with Free Website plan in need of some help. I am taking over as custodian for a nonprofit’s website, won’t go into the issues that came from going back through years of various peoples’ login information, but the domain name has been transferred to various host providers and websites over the years, which has seemingly created extraneous junk in the DNS settings for the domain name.

I am now trying to consolidate everything and move the website to a new home on Weebly, but am getting 404 and redirect errors once I placed the Weebly redirect information in the DNS settings. According to Weebly Support, there are numerous extra entries in the DNS settings, but I am unable to see these in my Cloudflare dashboard, I can only see the ones that I have entered. Weebly Support told me to ask Cloudflare to remove the extra DNS settings that need to be cleaned out to have a clean point to Weebly, but because I have the Free Website plan, I am unable to submit a ticket to Cloudflare.

How can I reach Cloudflare to have them clean my DNS settings, or do it myself when I am unable to see them in my dashboard? I am happy to provide screenshots of what I see in my Cloudflare dashboard compared to what Weebly Support showed me if that would help. Not experienced in these matters, trying to do the best I can with limited knowledge. Would appreciate any help that can be offered. Thank you!

It would really help if you shared the hostname, like exampleDOTcom, and the DNS records in question.

Please do.

Apologies for the delay - the spam filter took my post down even though you had already responded, took several hours to be cleared!
Anyway, thanks for the response, wasn’t sure if it would be something that could be answered without providing the images.

Here are the current DNS settings as seen on my Cloudflare dashboard (I added the MX settings to set up Gmail for Nonprofits email accounts and the A entries to initiate pointing to Weebly):

And here are the DNS domain records as recovered by Weebly Support and sent to me, with underlines indicating the entries that they say need to be removed to clear my issues with 404s and redirects:

I had never seen these other extraneous A and AAAA records before and don’t know where they’re pointing. The previous website host prior to Weebly was Homestead, but I thought I removed all DNS records for them from Cloudflare. Any recommendations on next steps?

These are probably cached results, wait a little while and ask them to rerun the DNS check to see if they are gone.

It’s been about 48 hours since I first added the Weebly records, and unfortunately am still getting the 404 errors. How long should I be waiting?

You will always see two Cloudflare IPs in your results when the record is :orange: proxied. That is expected. If you want only the value you entered yo be returned, you need to set the record to :grey: DNS only.

Is that wildcard entry intentional? It will match any every name that doesn’t have its own specific entry.

Hmm, I thought I added the wildcard one for a reason, but when going back and double-checking the Weebly instructions, it only mentions the @ and WWW. I’ve removed the * entry, though it doesn’t seem to have changed anything yet. Will let it sit for a while and try again in a bit.

Did you change from :orange: to :grey: ?

I did try that, but it started giving me invalid certificate errors. Any other ideas? Really appreciate the help so far, I’m trying as best as I can to keep up, this is new territory for me.

Another idea I’m reading about is trying to flush the DNS cache, if like UntrustableRus said they’re still simply hanging around while the new entries I put in are waiting to be propagated. Will that help?

@sdayman any chance you could loop back around and weigh in? Thank you very much!

Your origin server is returning the 404 error independently of Cloudflare (if you connect directly to it, bypassing Cloudflare entirely). This indicates that the problem exists there.

The extra IP address are Cloudflare proxy addresses. Since you have proxying turned on, you’ll see those addresses from DNS lookups, and Cloudflare will then forward connections to the real address you entered. This is normal. However, you should turn off the proxy, because that removes the ability for your host to blame Cloudflare.

If you shut off the proxy and get certificate errors, that would mean the site isn’t set up properly for SSL at their end. However, I get no certificate errors when I connect directly to your origin server; the connection works fine, but returns a 404 error.

So shut off the Cloudflare proxy so the hosting company sees what it expects to see and stops blaming someone else. Once the site works without Cloudflare, you can turn it back on.

1 Like and @i40west have pretty much hit all the issues.

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