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I wish to activate a 1-year certificate on my domain, I am using a free plan.

  1. if I purchase the Advanced Certificate Manager plan (10$/month) will I be able to do so, I found that the 1 year SSL is getting deprecated in the blog below.
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  1. is there a need to pay additional to activate the 1 year SSL.

  2. I have subdomains in the domain, will that be included or do I need to purchase additional for those?

  3. I need SSL key pinning for the domain, will the key for the domain change if the 1 year SSL is activated?

  4. if activating 1 year SSL from Cloudflare does not work, I wish to Disable Universal SSL and use the certificate from my server. what is the security impact of this, and how is it going to affect the security offered from Cloudflare end?

Can anyone help me with the above doubts, Looking forward to replies.

Thank You

Hi @awsmains, SSL pinning is not supported on Cloudflare.

You may need to upgrade to a Business plan to upload custom certificates, point 5:

Thank you.

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