Advanced Certificate Manager Problems

Hi Guys

Following on from this topic Subdomain too deep I have purchased a new edge certificate as advised.

I have been into the portal today and on the Edge Certificates screen I can see the following.


Universal Active


Review Universal Certificate for, *

The certificates in the pack listed below are managed and auto-renewed by Cloudflare.

|Certificate|Expiration |2021-07-11(Managed by Cloudflare)|

Certificate Validity Period

1 year

Validation method

Should this be enough to allow the URL to work ?

Currently when I use the url it returns a uses an unsupported protocol. message.

The url navigates to the site correctly.

I’d be really grateful for any help on this.



Hi @geraint.parry,

The universal certificate that you will have will only cover and not the level deeper

Have you purchased the Advanced Certificate Manager? If so, you will need to add or * as hostnames there.

Hi Dom

Thanks for your reply.
I have purchased an advanced certificate, I was charged approx £6 8 days ago.
Do the details that I posted not look like an advanced certificate ?

Really appreciate your help.



OK, the details you posted sound like a universal cert, not the advanced one.

If you go to SSL/TLS > Edge Certificates for the domain, you should see “Order Advanced Certificate”. If you click that, it should not ask you to pay again as you already have the subscription, but will open up a screen with. “Certificate Hostnames” section. It’s in there that you would need to add one of these:

And then save the cert.

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Thanks again for your reply.
I’ve attached the list of certificates that are showing for the domain.


Neither of those certs are valid for the names you indicated.

The * in * means one level of hostname, so www or womens would be fine, but anything with a dot is not covered, such as www.womens

This additional cert will be covered under your ACM subscription, so it has no additional cost.

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