Advanced Certificate Manager. (Code: 1450) for some reason

I keep getting the error below, and I saw that there was related issue that as closed, but I am still seeing this:

Access to configure this resource has not been granted for this zone. This feature is available with the Advanced Certificate Manager. (Code: 1450)

Hello stanley5,

The error message you’re encountering typically indicates an issue with the payment method connected to your account. This error usually means you don’t have any Advanced Certificates available on that zone (you need to activate/buy this feature).

You may want to check your associated payment information and ensure that it is up-to-date and accurate.



Thanks for replying to me, I actually encountered this error when trying to purchase an advanced certificate. I checked my payment info and the card is fine. the UI asked me for what domains I wanted and then…spit out this error. So I would like to know, exactly what steps should I take to purchase an advanced SSL cert with 3 or more domains in. Can I use wild cards, and is there a place for purchasing the advanced certificate manager?

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