Advanced Ads Plugin Conflict -- script optimization

We have had some issues with ads displaying on our web pages. We use the Advanced Ads to display these on a few pages. The ads were not displaying, but when I disable Cloudflare they show up. Below is what Advanced Ads has documented. We are trying to figure out how we can keep Cloudflare active and disable script optimization. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Disable script optimization

The most common cause of this error is using a plugin or service that minifies JavaScript files and/or moves them to the page’s footer.

Among such plugins are WP Rocket or Autoptimize. Services that could do this are CloudFlare or some features in dedicated WordPress hosting.

I would suggest identifying the usage of such plugin or services on your site and disable the feature that manipulates script files for testing.

Most plugins and services with the mentioned optimization feature have dedicated troubleshooting sites with suggestions on how to resolve the issue without touching the compromising code. Here, you can find more information about the needed settings in WP Rocket.

If you are technical, you might want to look at the next step and adjust the code that is not working well with delayed jQuery.

Minification is set for your domain at under the Speed → Optimization tab. You can try toggling off JS there. Also scroll down on that same page to see if Rocket Loader is enabled. That sometimes causes similar issues, so make sure it’s disabled for now.

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