"Advance DDoS"


I just installed the cloudflare plugin on a Wordpress and saw this,

Does this mean that the Business and Enterprise plans have some sort of benefit when it comes to automated mitigation? I thought it was the same across all plans.

That doesn’t look right. Cloudflare extended the “unlimited size and duration” defense to all plans. But that shows up in my 3.8.5 plugin on a Free plan. On a Business plan, that section isn’t there.

Maybe @yevgen can track down why this reappeared.

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That’s exactly why I was confused. I searched it up and the only information I could find is an old post saying the following:
Advanced DDoS protection - Layer 7 . Automatically detects sudden changes in traffic and protects against layer 7 DDoS attacks, such as POST floods and DNS-based attacks, so they never reach your origin server.

I’m not sure if it’s correct since from what I know Cloudflare is (and has always been) mainly a “self-managed” platform when it comes to Layer7 attacks unless you are on an enterprise plan of course.

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Giving this issue a bump since it seems like it did not catch any attention. :sweat_smile:.
I did ask a sales rep, and I was told that the business package does actually mitigate Layer7 attacks automatically, I’m quite confused now but I believe that the agent might have assumed it, can’t know. Would be great if somebody could confirm this.

I got a confirmation from the team that there is no difference between the plans in terms of DDoS protection. It seems like the card is deprecated and should be removed in the future WP plugin release.


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