Adult site Age Verifications

Hello Cloudflare,
I’ve been using cloudflare for several years now on my adult websites. And I wonder if I can find the age verification script somewhere in the Cloudflae apps.
I’ve been looking for it but didn’t find anything about that crucial question, neither about personnalizing one. Just like the cookie consent for exemple.
Fellow adult marketers,maybe you’ve developped your own ?
Have a nice day

That would be a nice to have in that case but as nowadays kids are as a “little genius” do you have any ideas how to not bypass it just by selecting the date of birth (just as an indication)? :smiley:

Moreover, using cookie I believe it would not be a good idea due to new cookie policies either developed and integrated into Web browsers, or due to some recent changes? Or maybe I am wrong.

Or trying to solve a puzzle or something like that, or a better approach “provide a procedure how to reach a solution to a math question”? (regarding the Photomath app :smiley: )

Just thinking.

Patiently, maybe someone else has some experience or have had similar issue, wait for another reply :wink:

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