Adsense Problem with Cloudflare

Hi Community.

Nice to meet all.

I have a problems with Adsense and Cloudflare.

I have a website 3 years old and after those 3 years i decide to start using Cloudflare to improve my website.
After i have migrate my website on Cloudflare servers, Adsense stop showing my ads and send me an Email saying “There are fake traffic or fake clicks” then stop showing ads and my account got limited.

So, what i can do to fix this?


I don’t use Adsense, but there are a ton of posts here about it. One even mentioning that Rocket Loader violates their ToS.

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Hi sdayman and thanks for your reply.

Maybe a possible solution can be this “mod_cloudflare” ?

Also, where i can find this Rocket Loader?

Thanks in advance

Edit 1: i have checked the Rocket loader and still deactivated so maybe that’s not the problem

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