Adsense Invalid clicks attack

Hi guys,

I believe my websites are under a new kind of invalid traffic attack that generates invalid clicks on Adsense. There has been some news report on this recently:

Our websites are based in south america, and all of a sudden last week we started receiving high traffic with over 90% bounce rate and ridiculous CTRs on Adsense for United States. US is not a targeted audience at all.

I wonder if there is any way we can intensify bot filtering specifically for US IPs?
What would you guys do in my position?

Thanks a lot

You could create an IP access rule under and impose a JavaScript or captcha challenge on all US requests.

Got it

The IPs rotation seem to be running under sophisticated scheme. Could the second solution (challenging US requests) work standalone?

Thank you

Second solution? Standalone?


I would not suggest filtering IP from USA coz most of the IP for google/adsense visits from US. They wont be able to read the content on your site. + Most other third party ad checker like moatads or grapeshot wont be able to access your site and it will definitely decrease your revenue.

If crawlers are of concern, one should use a firewall rule instead and exclude known bots.

( eq "US" and not

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