AdSense advertisement in the player

I want to add a prominent AdSense ad to the Cloudflare player that can be skipped, in order to compensate for the losses and increase production, can I?

The Stream Player supports VAST Tags to insert ads such as prerolls . If you have a VAST tag URI, you can pass it to the Stream Player by setting the ad-url parameter. You can view more on this Here.

However this may not cover your requirement or use case.

Thank you for the answer, I don’t know if this message will reach you in a private or public situation But I am willing to pay you in exchange for teaching me how to add ads, or prepare them for me, because I am crazy about the JavaScript language and… The API that gave me a chronic mental disorder, thing is if you are agreed ,
My site is hosted on Blogger and I will inform you of any information if you agree, thanks again

Unfortunately I can’t assist you with creating and implementing your ads - I apologise.

That being said, you can always read out to the Cloudflare community for assistance if you are unable to understand public documentation: or if you run into any roadblocks.

Thank you for your help and taking the time to answer my questions.
I searched the link you sent and did not find a topic related to ads. Can you guide me, thank

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