Adsense Active View Viewable Decreased After Connecting to Cloudflare

Ever Since I started using Cloudflare on my website, My Adsense Active View Viewable has reduced a lot. Before Using Cloudflare it was in the range of 63-65% and now just within a day, it reduced to 49%.
This is affecting my Page RPM which has also reduced a lot. Also, on my website Rocket loader is disabled, I never used that and caching is set to standard. I never enabled the minify options as well then why is this happening. Please help

in last 2-3 days adsense active view has fall a lot. I am a cloudflare user for last 5 years. It has only happened in last 2-3 days only.

can you share the before and after active views percentages

I recently started using matched content unit (replacing outbrain), since than my data from 64% to 49%.

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