Ads.txt reported as "Not found" by Google

Here is the URL that gives access to the ads.txt file in question:

I have set the security level for the website at the “I’m Under Attack” option, because it’s the only measure that prevents bots from registering and spamming the wiki.

The ads.txt file is accessible through a web browser, after completing the human verification process.

What I suspect is that the Google bot can not pass that step and at the same time Cloudflare has not allowlisted it.

Is there a rule that I should introduce in order to prevent the error?

Just turn off “I’m under attack” mode - it’s not meant for continuous use. You should just set the security level to high for maximum protection when not under direct attack.

Use a WAF rule to challenge just on the wiki registration page to stop those bots.

2 questions:

  1. The registration URL is, but additional query parameters can be added at the end of it. In order for the rule to work regardless which query parameters are added, should I chose Field “URI Full” and then Operator “contains” or something else?
  2. Is it better to use a WAF rule or to go to Configuartion Rules and set the security level for the website at the “I’m Under Attack” level for the specific URL pattern?

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