Ads second site to cloudflare

I have active site on cloudflare and i wanna add another one . Both site on same hosting account . So first i create new cloudflare acount and change cloudflare name server on new clouflare name server . But then i think i am wrong because i see option “add site” . Whatever my other site never activated . What i should do in my situation ?

Most people put all their sites into just their one Cloudflare account. That would be with the +Add Site button.

But if you set up a completely new Cloudflare account, I believe that begins with adding the site before you even finish setting up your account. (I could be wrong).

The end result is that whatever sites you have in that account will show up in once you’re logged in.

MORE: If a site doesn’t activate in a zone, you can delete it, but I usually have to stumble around before I find the way to do it. Maybe it just takes a bit before that option becomes available. Just ignore it for now.

In the mean time, you can add it to your new account, get those two new name servers for it, then go to your Registrar and update the name servers there.

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