Ads Disappeared From Website

As soon as I added Cloudflare to my site my Ads have disappeared.
Can anyone direct me on what setting to change?

Here is my site

Also, I have SSL via Siteground do I need to have it on Cloudflare too?

Yay! No ads! Ads are terrible!

You didn’t include a proper link.

Lol :joy:
I wish I didn’t have to have ads but the only way I make money

dot com

I don’t know how to add links :man_facepalming:

You made the choice to have them in any event.

I don’t see any ads. But then, my browser blocks them. No money for you.

There is no impact on the display (or not) of ads on your site as you are not proxying the site through Cloudflare. All requests are going direct to origin.

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Well that’s because that’s the only way I make money as I said anyways

The site was proxied through cloudflare but was not working properly, 404 error

So I got in touch with Siteground and they said to change the dns to their ones and the site at least works now

Thanks for your help

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