Adquiri o domínio pela cloudflare hoje e efetuei o pagamento, porém está dizendo que a assinatura foi expirada

Unfortunately, no. We can only reply to emails from the account owner. This is a security mechanism to prevent bad actors from taking over your account. In this case, you need to get the person that signed up the account at Cloudflare to cooperate. It seems that is not an option (for others that read this thread later, if you could communicate with them and they were cooperative, they could add you as a member and then shift control to your, or they could simply share the login credentials and you could change the password & API key, or they could export the DNS records to make it easier for you to set the domain up in your own account - it seems they would not be willing to do any of these three actions). That leaves you with

Add the domain to the account you are using here, I show you have done that and the domain shows as pending. Take the two nameservers shown on and contact your domain registrar and ask them to change the nameservers to those two. Once you do that and the change propagates, the zone (domain) will show as moved in the old account and as active in the new account.

There is another party involved and you’ll want to start by contacting them, that is your hosting provider, you are probably paying them every month to host your site. You’ll want to contact them and know the IP address of your origin server. Once you have added the site to your new account, you’ll want to edit the value of the A record to be the IP of your origin server. You’ll also need to address the issue of email, for that you’ll need to contact your email provider and ask them for details to set up your email on cloudflare.

I’d rely heavily on these Tutorial to help you along the way as you make these changes

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